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by Oct 7, 2023Kitchen Worktops in Slough

Dekton Kitchens Worktops Slough – Aeris Dekton Kitchen Worktops

When it comes to crafting a beautiful and functional kitchen, the selection of worktops plays a pivotal role. Among the materials that have garnered substantial popularity in recent times, Aeris Dekton Slough stands out. This innovative surface offers an exceptional blend of style, durability, and versatility, making it an ideal choice for contemporary kitchens. The design of kitcehn worktops and islands can greatly impact the overall aesthetics of a kitchen, making it crucial to choose materials, colors, and finishes that complement the desired style

Aeris Dekton kitchen worktops are meticulously crafted using advanced technology, fusing together porcelain, glass, and quartz components to produce a surface that’s exceptionally resilient and enduring. Thanks to its non-porous nature, Aeris Dekton showcases remarkable resistance against stains, scratches, and heat, rendering it an exceptional solution for the bustling kitchen environment where spills and accidents are inevitable.


Yet, Aeris Dekton isn’t just about durability; its aesthetic attributes are equally noteworthy. With an extensive array of colours, patterns, and finishes, Slough Aeris Dekton worktops offer limitless design possibilities. Whether your preference leans towards a sleek minimalist appearance or a bold and dramatic statement, there’s an Aeris Dekton worktop to match every taste and style. Moreover, Aeris Dekton is engineered to withstand the test of time.

Its UV resistance ensures that the vibrant colours won’t fade or deteriorate even after years of exposure to sunlight. This means your kitchen worktops will continue to exude the same freshness and vibrancy as they did on the day of installation, even with prolonged use. Another advantage of Aeris Dekton lies in its low maintenance requirements. The non-porous surface makes cleaning effortless, eliminating the need for sealing as required by materials like granite or marble. A simple wipe with a damp cloth and mild detergent is all it takes to preserve the pristine appearance of your Aeris Dekton worktops.

Our collection of Aeris Dekton Slough kitchen worktops presents an exceptional investment for homeowners who value both style and functionality. Elevate your kitchen with our Aeris Dekton worktops, and relish a space that’s not only aesthetically appealing but also built to endure. The Dekton Aeris Collection draws inspiration from the elegance of white limestone.

It boasts a subtle yet sophisticated design characterised by a striking contrast between cream and white tones. This durable and stunning surface can transform your workspace into an exceptional area of beauty. Within the wide array of materials available in this collection, you have the tools to create a unique aesthetic. Among the prominent players in the worktop industry is Dekton, a brand under Cosentino. Their Aeris material comprises natural and inorganic elements, engineered for remarkable resilience and scratch resistance.

The Dekton range spans across 45 distinct colours, offering versatility to accommodate a spectrum of kitchen designs. Each surface features polished, matte, or textured finishes, adding a unique touch to your work area. Available in two thicknesses—12mm and 20mm—and with select colours available in 30mm, the Aeris Dekton worktops provide options that fit various design preferences. These worktops are ideal for a range of households, from busy kitchens with large families to those seeking a practical surface directly integrated into their cooking space.

With a 25-year warranty, Aeris Dekton stands as an exceptional choice for anyone aiming to enhance the durability of their work surfaces. For a clean and timeless design, the Aeris Dekton Natural Dekton work surface offers a plain ivory slab without discernible patterns or designs. This makes it a versatile choice for diverse areas within your home, from Slough kitchens and laundries to entryways. The Aeris Dekton Slough work surface is a timeless design statement that harmonises seamlessly with both traditional and modern kitchen aesthetics.

Our Danae Dekton Kitchen Worktops – Dekton Kitchens Worktops Slough


Danae Dekton Kitchen Worktops effortlessly combine aesthetics and functionality, positioning them as a prime choice for modern kitchens. Meticulously crafted with precision, these worktops employ cutting-edge technology to deliver unparalleled durability and strength. The exquisite Danae finish beautifully blends smooth, earthy tones, creating a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.

Whether you’re cooking or entertaining, these worktops offer a seamless surface that resists scratches, stains, and heat, ensuring a sleek and enduring kitchen experience. Danae—a hue mirroring the diverse shades found in desert landscapes—introduces an element of elegance to any space. Within the Dekton Danae Natural Collection, you’ll find a cream-coloured worktop that emulates the appearance of natural sandstone. Ideal for modern kitchens seeking a more organic and rugged appeal, its robust texture and innate durability make it an incredibly versatile choice.

The low thermal expansion of Danae Slough Dekton surfaces guarantees they remain resistant to thermal shocks, whether exposed to low or high temperatures. Their abrasion resistance simplifies handling and eliminates the need for sealing. Crafted from a blend of quartz, porcelain, glass, and raw materials, these surfaces are heated and transformed into worktops featuring captivating designs. Our Danae Dekton worktop product is not only lightweight and compact but also highly transportable and manageable. It can be conveniently cut using standard tools and easily integrated into your home projects. The Danae shade presents a creamy, Slough compact surface with subtle marbling effects.

Boasting durability, non-porosity, and scratch resistance, it incorporates Dekton Grip—an anti-slip solution. The minimal porosity of Danae Dekton worktops contributes to their resilience against staining from both chemical products and everyday usage. This feature makes them an ideal choice for kitchen worktops and various other surfaces. The Dekton work surface in Slough consistently presents a timeless statement suitable for any design concept. Its adaptability extends to various settings, from kitchen worktops and flooring to bathroom surfaces and window sills.

Danae’s versatility is not confined to indoor applications; its suitability for outdoor kitchens is noteworthy. This Dekton shade’s broad utility extends to commercial and industrial projects. Its solid collection introduces a black finish with a distinctive wood ripple effect. Created from a combination of premium quartz, raw materials, and innovative glass and porcelain variations, Danae worktops embody minimalist design principles. This design style emphasises a clean and organised appearance while harnessing Slough Danae Dekton’s robustness for everyday use. This adaptable nature is reflected across a range of minimalist designs.

The Danae worktops find compatibility with contemporary designs and adapt seamlessly to outdoor installation, making them a choice for outdoor kitchens exposed to varying temperatures. Those working with Danae Dekton can confidently select approved products from lists and tooling, avoiding mistakes and ensuring effective material usage. In comparison to other stone surfaces, Danae is easy to maintain. It boasts the strength of quartz, granite, and quartzite while offering advantages over engineered and natural stone alternatives. Danae’s non-porous and resin-free nature prevents chemical reactions, rendering it highly resistant to staining.

If considering materials from the Danae Natural Collection, it’s recommended to employ the finest adhesive available. The DEKTON Mastidek adhesive is designed to bond with Danae. Notably sturdy for structural use, it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor Slough kitchen countertops. It remains colourfast and UV stable. Danae Dekton worktops capitalise on revolutionary technology that accelerates the metamorphic transformation experienced by natural stone over thousands of years. This selective particle technology has the potential to birth novel advancements across multiple industries.

Leveraging digital microscopy, we’re granted a comprehensive view of Dekton materials, including their zero porosity attributed to an intricate compaction process and sintering. Danae, one of the distinguished kitchen countertop colours offered by Dekton, reflects the excellence of Cosentino’s craftsmanship. Crafted from a blend of inorganic and natural elements and minerals, Danae worktops embody resilience and non-porosity.

UV stable, heat-resistant, and impact-resistant, they form a part of the exceptional Dekton collection spanning 45 colours and offering customisable options for diverse design visions. With three distinct finishes—matte, polished, and textured—Danae’s beauty graces every surface. Available in both 12mm and 20mm thicknesses, and with select options in 30mm, Danae Dekton worktops cater to various preferences. This collection guarantees longevity, whether you’re managing a bustling kitchen or aiming for a seamless surface.


Kitchen Worktops and islands Slough – Eter Dekton Kitchen Worktops

Epitomise the perfect blend of style, resilience, and functionality for modern kitchens at Slough, Berkshire. Crafted with innovative techniques, these Slough, Berkshire worktops feature a distinctive fusion of natural Slough, Berkshire quartz, Slough, Berkshire porcelain, and Slough, Berkshire glass, resulting in a surface that is not only visually stunning but also exceptionally resistant to scratches, stains, and heat.

The Eter Dekton Slough, Berkshire range boasts a diverse array of stylish designs, from marble-inspired patterns to sleek solid colours, ensuring homeowners find the perfect match for their kitchen aesthetics. Engineered with low maintenance requirements and exceptional performance in mind, our Slough, Berkshire Eter Dekton Kitchen Worktops stand as a dependable choice that enhances any kitchen space with timeless beauty and enduring quality.

Albarium Dekton Kitchen Worktop from Dekton Countertops Slough and Dekton Worktops Reading
This material is ideally suited for kitchen worktops, as it encompasses shades of both grey and black, infusing warmth and depth. This versatile shade can be paired with lighter or darker tones, allowing for creative design variations. Dekton Eter is an sintered stone surface hailing from the 2020 Chromica collection, crafted from ultra-compact materials. It finds application in both bathrooms and kitchens, adding a touch of elegance to various projects.

The Chromica’s Dekton Eter series harnesses the power of quartz, porcelain, glass, and raw materials to create a surface highly resistant to scratches and freezing, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Inspired by remote mountains, the Berkshire Dekton Eter shade embodies a rich dark brown-grey tone, characterised by its clean and minimalist aesthetic. The collection presents dark tones and a matte finish for an elevated appearance, drawing inspiration from natural textures and hues. Eter’s distinct character makes it a versatile choice for diverse commercial and residential endeavors, including Berkshire kitchen worktops, wet areas, and splashbacks.

The maintenance of the Dekton surface is effortless; a kitchen cloth and window spray suffice. Its non-porous nature eliminates the need for additional coatings or sealants. Stubborn limescale marks can be tackled with white vinegar; let it sit for a minute, then scrub with a scouring pad after soaking it in warm water. Eter can be manufactured in various thicknesses, ranging from 4 millimeters to 30 millimeters. For projects such as Berkshire kitchen countertops and wall cladding, 12mm is often ideal. Dekton employs sintered particles with a molecular structure impervious to water penetration, effectively combating various food and environmental elements like ketchup, curry, coffee, and lemon.

By incorporating the Dekton Eter and utilising dark grey kitchen units, a cohesive and monochromatic backdrop is achieved. This choice of dark grey units adds a shadow effect that complements the Arcilla Red Silestone installation. Dekton Eter was chosen for our Slough kitchen work surfaces due to its 12mm thickness. This ultra-compact surface showcases resistance to fire and stains while accommodating various activities.

It finds application in diverse residential projects, including bathroom and kitchen work surfaces, wall cladding, furniture, flooring, and shower trays. It’s essential to note that while Eter Dekton boasts numerous benefits, it is considered a premium product and can be pricier compared to other countertop materials like granite or laminate. Nonetheless, many homeowners and designers opt for Eter Dekton due to its exceptional durability, aesthetic allure, and long-term value.

Keon Dekton Kitchen Worktops Slough

Worktops and Islands Argentium Dekton Kitchen Worktop

Our Keon Dekton worktops Berkshire emerge as a radiant and natural choice for contemporary homes and workplaces. Their extensive array of colours renders them an ideal selection for creating vibrant and lively environments. Crafted by our company, these Keon Dekton worktops Slough showcase a sleek and high-performing design that perfectly suits both commercial and residential projects. Blending materials such as glass and porcelain, they boast exceptional durability and versatility.

Within the Dekton product range, a sophisticated and uniform appearance can be effortlessly achieved in any space using Keon worktops Berkshire. Ideal for enhancing both the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen, the Keon collection stands out among the most prominent kitchen worktop brands. 

Hailing from Dekton, a division of Cosentino—a global leader in kitchen equipment manufacturing—the Keon range is meticulously crafted from natural and inorganic materials designed to withstand UV exposure, scratches, and heat. Available in over 45 colours and three distinct finishes—polished, matte, or textured—the Dekton worktops allow customisation to cater to various design preferences. Keon worktops come in diverse thicknesses and can harmonise with modern or traditional designs. For those seeking a chunkier appearance, our company also offers a 30mm version of this beloved style. Contact Us for more information.


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