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At Kitchen Worktops in Slough, we have a wide range of stone and glass splashbacks available in a variety of widths and finishes. Our collection of coloured stone or glass splashbacks can be used to add a modern touch to your new kitchen.

Template, supply and fit at the best prices in London and surrounding areas, including Slough, Reading, Surrey, Essex, Watford and more!

Please contact us for free advice and exclusive discounts for all our stone and glass splashbacks.

Green BeigeBeigeSand yellowSignal yellowGolden yellowHoney yellowMaize yellowDaffodil yellow
Brown beigeLemon yellowOyster whiteIvoryLight ivorySulfur yellowSaffron yellowZinc yellow
Grey beigeOlive yellowRape yellowTraffic yellowOchre yellowCurryBroom yellowDahlia yellow
Pastel yellowPearl beigePearl goldSun yellowYellow orangeRed orangeVermilionPastel orange
Pure orangeBright red orangeTraffic orangeSignal OrangeDeep orangeSalmon RangePearl orangeFlame red
Signal redCarmine redRuby redPurple redWine redBlack redOxide redBrown red
Beige redTomato redAntique pinkLight pinkCoredRoseStrawberry redTraffic red
Salmon pinkRaspberry redOrient redPearl ruby redPearl pinkRed lilacRed violetHeather violet
Claret violetBlue lilacTraffic purplePurple violetSignal violetPastel violetTelemagentaPearl violet
Pearl black berryViolet blueGreen blueUltramarine blueSapphire blueBlack blueSignal blueBrilliant blue
Grey blueAzure blueGentian blueSteel blueLight blueCobalt bluePigeon blueSky Blue
Traffic blueTurquoise blueCapri blueOcean blueWater blueNight blueDistant bluePastel blue
Pearl gentian bluePearl night bluePatina greenEmerald greenLeaf greenOlive greenBlue greenMoss green
Grey oliveBottle greenBrown greenFir greenGrass greenReseda greenBlack greenReed green
Yellow oliveBlack oliveTurquoise greenMay greenYellow greenPastel greenChrome greenPale green
Olive drabTraffic greenFern greenOpal greenLight greenPine greenMint greenSignal green
Mint turquoisePastel turquoisePearl greenPearl opal greenSquirrel greySilver greyOlive greyMoss grey
Signal greyMouse greyBeige greyKhaki greyGreen greyTarpaulin greyIron greyBasalt grey
Brown greySlate greyAnthracite greyBlack greyUmbra greyConcrete greyGraphite greyGranite grey
Stone greyBlue greyPebble greyCement greyYellow greyLight greyPlatinum greyDusty grey
Agate greyQuartz greyWindow greyTraffic grey ATraffic grey BSilk greyTelegrey 1Telegrey 2
Telegrey 4Pearl mouse greyGreen brownOchre brownSignal brownClay brownCopper brownFawn brown
Olive brownNut brownRed brownSepia brownChestnut brownMahogany brownChocolate brownGrey brown
Black brownOrange brownBeige brownPale brownTerra brownPearl copperCreamGrey white
Signal whiteSignal blackJet blackWhite aluminiumGrey aluminiumPure white (L.Cream)Graphite blackTraffic white
Traffic blackPapyrus whitePearl light greyPearl dark grey
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